Thursday, May 13, 2010

Family Shep Chickadee Rescue

It was a really windy day this Mother's Day at the Shepherd Family Homestead. There we were, enjoying our pre-cocktail hors d'oeuvres, when Mama Shep burst out in alarm. The wind had been tossing the birdhouse in the oak tree around so hard, that the damn roof fell off, and the poor little chickadee family inside was left open to the elements. Needless to say, we sprang into action:

The mother chickadee, however, wasn't quite as sure about the proceedings, and yelled like hell at us the whole time:

I tried assuring her that all would be well, and the babies were in good hands, but she was having none of it. Also, she's a freakin' bird:

Wee little chickadee eggs:

Dadoo Shep to the rescue with super glue!

Meanwhile, everyone gets distracted by a goldfinch because, holy crap, we love birds:

But eventually we got back on task:

Good as new!

And Mama Chickadee approves. The day is saved!