Friday, August 27, 2004


I just returned from a trip to Maine to visit the grandparents. I do enjoy it there. It was nice and cool -- about 70 degrees -- which was a welcome relief from the icky-sticky Washington summer. I imagine that walking around DC in the summer is a lot like being trapped inside somebody's mouth. Shudder at my lack of tact all you want, but those who know whereof I speak know that I speak the truth.

Anyway...yes, Maine is lovely. Lovely people, lovely scenery, lovely moose. This visit was unique in that it was Jeffrey's first visit, so we schlepped him out to Pemaquid Point to gaze upon the Atlantic from an appropriately rocky and lighthouse-laden coastline. We taught him how to properly say "hah-bah" in proper New England patois (incidentally, "schlepped" is not proper New England patois, but what the hell).

We also watched a lot of Olympics. A lot of Olympics indeed.

I also discovered the Whoopie Pie, which evidently is a Maine delicacy, though damned if I ever knew it. We were treated to some of these delicacies from a bakery in Gahd-nah (or Gardiner) that was featured on Oprah (not Oprer). Quite good. Wicked good even. So good, battle lines were drawn in the Shepherd households in both Hallowell, ME and Richboro, PA as to who would get to feast upon a bit of Whoopie Pie. Learn more about the wonders of Whoopie Pies here.

Good times were had. Off to Texas next week. Oy, contrast.