Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back in the Saddle

It occurred to us that it had been a full year since we got thrown off a mechanical bull in a public setting. So we did it again. Since Mason Dixon closed down (reportedly because they served alcohol to minors. Maybe. Let's just start that rumor now), we took the party to Viva Toro in Williamsburg. And being thrifty little bullriders, we had a Groupon. Two bull rides and two cocktails. Perf.

Jennie's two rides:

My two rides:

Lara's two rides:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Whiskey and Wellbutrin: 2011 Motion Picture Soundtrack

Tis the season for the year-end CD mix! I wanted to celebrate the year in which I discovered that you could dislocate your knee whilst pivoting on a barstool, that work is a hell of a lot more fun when you actually know what you're doing, and that mental health professionals in this town keep the kind of hours usually reserved for Waffle Houses elsewhere in this country. Thank you, 2011, for revealing all this and more! It's been...well, it's been weird, 2011. Really goddamn weird.

I hope you like the playlist this year. And if throughout the 18 songs you're by turns delighted, confused and maybe just a little concerned, then I'll have achieved my objective.

Happy ambivalent new year, you guys. And many more.

1. Almost Everything -- Wakey! Wakey!
2. Three Years On -- Bryan Dunn
3. Reckless -- Lara Ewen
4. You Can Make Him Like You -- The Hold Steady
5. Dead Man's Saloon -- Creeper Lagoon
6. Bar on A -- Greg Holden
7. Rip Her to Shreds -- Blondie
8. The Cowboy Song -- Kelli Rae Powell
9. Fading Lately -- Katie Costello
10. Treat the Disease -- Shwa Losben
11. Pretty Boy -- Luke Wesley
12. Break My Heart Around You -- Atomic Tom
13. Star Pupil -- Abby Ahmad
14. If You Don't Mind (Baby Go Ahead) -- Alec Gross
15. World United Already -- Wheat
16. Head Full of Doubt -- The Avett Brothers
17. Whiskey and Cigarettes -- Jessi Robertson
18. You're Aging Well -- Dar Williams