Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tippy Shepherd (1997-2016)

For 12 years, the cat nobody wanted has been my spoiled, snuggled, ride-or-die beastie sidekick who saw me through some of the most difficult times in my life and given me more joy than I could ever return to her. Tippy could be as sassy and swatty as she was cuddly, but whenever I felt bad she knew to take care of me. Today I had to do the same for her, and we said goodbye before she had to suffer anymore or lose any more of what made her the Tipster. I am devastated, and the house is already way too quiet without her mini-pterodactyl squawk, and it will be some time before I stop sleeping on the left side of the bed to give her room to jump up and cuddle at night. But I hope anyone who has a pet feels this bad when you part ways, because that's the price of having loved and been loved by a special critter companion. I'm so glad I picked you, Tippy. And I'm glad you picked me too.
Tippy Shepherd (May 24, 1997-June 19, 2016)