Sunday, September 14, 2003

Hattening Down the Batches

We had a visit from Ms. Isabel yesterday, and the DC area is returning to normal at a rather brisk pace. At least the good folks at Express have decided to open up today and call in all regularly scheduled workers. What models of diligence and efficiency they are.

It didn't turn out to be as bad as it could have been, but watching the storm last night I could admit that a lot of the concern wasn't unwarranted. We were homebound the entire day, and although we never lost power completely, the lights did flicker quite a bit and a lot of other people in the area weren't as lucky. I know that Fairfax County, VA has to boil its water today.
Really the only casualty here was the loss of our cable and a downed tree in the parking lot that very probably will ruin the day of the owner of a small maroon car.

Otherwise, things are, well, constant if nothing else. Job interviews are scheduled, as are shifts and tasks for various already-held jobs. Busy, busy, etc.



I have lived in the biggest city in America. I have seen the crowned heads of Europe. I have had a Shamrock Shake in the biggest McDonald's in Dublin.

But I have never been to a karaoke bar. Never that is, until last Friday.

What a crazy, jacked-up tradition that is. I'm not sure who I respect/am worried by most: the people who get up to the mike or the people who continue to play pool calmly as though there wasn't a skinny white kid named Shanon rapping "The Humpty Dance" ten feet behind them.
But lest you think that I fancy myself above all this, I say here and now that I did indeed rock the mike myself. Or, more accurately, I mumbled to, shivered behind, and very carefully cradeled the mike until my five hellish minutes of Elvis Costello's "Alison" were over.

I'm told I didn't do too badly, but getting up to do karaoke when I'd sobered up way earlier than I thought I would is one of the more terrifying thing I've done.

For the record, Jeffrey was 100% sober, and cheerfully did four songs. So perhaps my viewpoint is a limited one.

I may do it again, but it'll take a little more help from my friend Budweiser before I do.


Friday, September 12, 2003

And How Have you Been?

Updates in brief

Mid-August: Just before wrapping up internship, Robyn travels to Maine for wedding of second cousin and general family reunion. Activities include playing Scrabble, reading new Harry Potter, eating pie and lobster, listening to Grandfather talk about books, pie and lobster; and attending a picturesque wedding in the woods. Momentary loss of dignity occurs when a flock of turkeys spotted en route to aforementioned wedding causes considerable excitement.

September 6: Robyn goes to Red Hot Chili Peppers concert donning uncharacteristic satin black bustier and dangly chain belt -- the better to fit in with the people who identify most with the genre known as "rock." Excellent seats were obtained, an excellent time was had, and it was discovered that Manassas, Virginia is in fact, "Way the Hell out there."

September 11: Robyn starts the day in a cranky mood instigated by a raging case of post-traumatic stress syndrome which has been exacerbated by increasingly tacky coverage and rehashing of The Thing That Was Bad. Cranky mood actually works to her advantage during five-hour shift at retail facility when Robyn informs several patrons that it's fine with her if they don't get their money back or can't find the shirt they want as long as they persist in acting like a flaming jackass. Shift proves to be surprisingly productive and gratifying. Evening spent bitching, moaning, engaging in emotional coversation with significant other, and laughing at a kitty unrolling toilet paper on that funny animal home video show before retiring. Nine jobs applied to that day.

September 12: Saddened to hear that Johnny Cash has passed away because interest in the performer had recently been elevated due to recent media coverage and interesting connections to U2. Saddened to hear that John Ritter has passed away because the theme song to Three's Company lodged in brain ALL... DAMNED... DAY. Four jobs applied to in the morning and interview set up with temp agency.