Monday, January 30, 2006

...Aaaaand I'm Back

Yes! It's a new blog record for the longest break in updates evah! EVAH! It has been an entire two months since the last entry, and since then we've gotten a new Congress, the Eagles have blown and regain a shot at the division title, InterAction has moved offices, I've seen my first live NFL game AND seen Bob Saget say filthy naughty things to a bunch of college kids, and my humble little crappy blog turned five years old. How flime does ty. If my blog were a baby back in 2001, it would be entering kindergarten now, learning to play with all the other blogs in the sandpit, bringing home finger paint drawings, eating ChapStick... ::sniff:: They grow up so fact these days...

One would assume I've either been spectacularly busy or numbingly inert to have interrupted my online habits so egregiously. Truth be told -- it's been a little bit of both. The first, and most important, is the formal introduction of a new character to the blog: New Boyfriend Mark! Yay Mark! Mark is a very smart lad from Virginny who has a black cat named after an Iron Chef, makes a mean seared tuna steak, and is a durned nice fella. He is a Washington Redskins fan, but nobody's perfect. Pictures and assorted visual aids will soon be made available to the curious.
So Mark and I have been having a right lively time of it. We've been to NYC, gone to wineries in Virginia, seen a bunch of concerts, etc. Then two weeks ago it all came to a screeching halt when I acquired the Weirdest Assortment of Medical Maladies Ever. A sinus infection turned into vertigo. Verti-freaking-o. Who gets vertigo these days, besides Liza Minnelli's character in Arrested Development? Me, that's who, and I can tell you that you don't want to be compared to a Liza Minnelli character of any sort. I still have the pleasure to have the Vert, and it kind of feels like you're always watching a movie with a handheld camera. The first few days felt like I was always riding the teacups at Disneyland, so I suppose it's an improvement. Though really, when you're in a state in which you feel the need to projectile vomit every time you stand up, you have no where to go but up.

Or do you? Because soon after coming down with the Vert, I developed a mean case of strep throat that was diagnosed as being a side effect of...mono! Yes, that thing teenagers get from kissin'. Most folks who get it are between the ages of 10 and 17. I turn 26 in two weeks. I am awesome. So I spent a monorific, vertastic holiday at home. And I still get a little dizzy and sleepy. What of it?

Short story long, my prolonged absence was due in part to excessive and welcome social activity, and in part to excessive and most unwelcome illness. No telling when the next one will be. Maybe the blog will have gotten its driver's license by then, or gone to prom, or gotten married and had little blogs of its own. There's really no telling.

More to come (or is there????)


One Should Not...

One should not be able to sit outside one's office building at lunch on January 30 in nary but a tank top, calf-length skirt, and stockings and feel perfectly comfortable and not cold at all.

It's just wrong.


Sunday, January 1, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

After a raucous New Year's Eve spent watching Pride and Prejudice and eating Thai food on Capitol Hill, it is time to turn to the more serious task of examining one's goals for the year. Here goes:

Reclaim other half of the apartment

Use ultra-sharp new knives to debone the shit out of a chicken carcass -- and make homemade broth!

Watch DVDs given as presents for Christmases 2001-5

When asking someone "How are you," actually stop to hear the answer

Bust out the roller skates

Take a morning off to see the baby panda

Dust off the passport, and actually use it

Learn how to flirt

Eat more cheese

Drink more

Fairly attainable, I think. Happy new year!