Sunday, June 26, 2005

This Month's Apology

No, I have not been in a post U2-show, blissed-out coma for the past month. That only lasted three weeks.

What I have been is both busy and silly. Busy at work with many things that are not of general interest (isn't it amazing how much we preoccupy ourselves with things that are of very little interest to the world at large? Sad, really, don't you think?). Silly, because I've been logging entries into my laptop and realized that I have no real way of transferring them, as Mr. Laptop has no floppy drive and I didn't think my updates were worth wasting a perfectly good CD on. Actually, now that I finally have made some time for myself, I determined they weren't that good anyway, and decided to start fresh. So the U2 update is the only one to make the cut from the last month. I've posted some groovy pictures from the show under the illustrious "Bono" link in the Pictures section. Any day when a gal can add to her Bono album is a good day.

I suppose I'd be remiss in not noting the dropping of the debt for 18 of the most impovershed nations that was announced a few weeks ago, and will be formalized at the G8 summit next week. It's a big deal at dear old InterAction. There's a lot of rotten , frustrating days in the saving the world racket. The day they announced the debt-dropping was the kind of day that makes a lot of the heartache worthwhile. So it's important to acknowledge that our government and the British government did a really good thing here. I'm sure you've seen and will still see quotes from a lot of organizations saying how it shouldn't end there, and there's more work to do, and that's all correct. But lest the people in those organizations be broadly painted as never being satisfied and always wanting more, it should be noted that everyone who had worked for that announcement was thrilled and relieved that day.