Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Spring Starch Fest

Happy Earth Day one and all. I commemorated the day by taking my gas-guzzling SUV down to the CVS, using noxious chemicals to clean my glass table and consuming hyper-processed (but Passover-safe) foods. I do plan to recycle some stuff as soon as the massive, B-52 bomber of a bumblebee outside decides to sniff around somebody else's balcony.

Everything seems to have turned green overnight, which is a happy thing after the Winter That Would Not Die. Passover is in full swing, and I'm doing my best to observe the holiday. However, I have already answered the diabolical call of a very persuasive cheeseburger, so the other 23 or so meals that I'll consume this holiday are pretty much just for show. But then, I never claimed to be anybody's role model in the area of hardcore Jewiness. Nonetheless, this holiday is a whole lot easier to observe this year, seeing as I'm no longer in Ireland or Wales, or some other such matzo-deprived country.

One of my guidebooks from last year described the Irish Museum of Jewish History as a place that chronicled the history of Jews in Ireland since the middle ages, when four Jews came ashore and were promptly sent back. I reckon it's a small museum.