Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bidness Trip

I just got back from my first ever business trip to NYC. It's been five years of gainful employment, but they finally let me out from behind the desk. That's pretty gratifying. One of these days they may actually let me see this "Africa" place I've heard so much about. I'm beginning to think it doesn't actually exist, and is a mythical land full of mermaids and leprechauns and stuff. For all I know, it could be.

All bitching aside, it's hard to turn down a trip to NYC. For those paying attention, the UN held a big ass meeting on the connection between TB and HIV/AIDS. What connection? Glad you asked, because my job was to help organize two press conferences on the matter. The good people at the New York Times participated, and wrote a nice article that explains it nicely. Thanks, NYT!

On the social front, I had a lovely time in the East Village with my college pal Crissie, with whom I finally had dinner at the Life Cafe (that only took nine years to accomplish). I also kicked it with the Shwa at Rockwood Music Hall, where I got to witness the awesome spectacle of uber-cool hipster music types networking. It's a lot like wonky Hill staffers networking, but with better hair. Shwa apologized for ending the night so early, at 11pm on a Monday. Different worlds, I tells ya.

I ended the two-day trip with a pub lunch with the amazing Kos, who wears a fedora better than any other guy friend I know, and a quick pilgrimage to Rock Center. Intervening moments were spent sprinting between the UN and the hotel in 100 degree heat while wearing a mohair suit, which in retrospect was a dumb idea. The best part of the whole gig, though, was that I got a complimentary upgrade to a sick hotel room with an awesome terrace overlooking the East River and UN building. True, it was about 150 degrees out there, so all I did was take some pictures, and do a little happy dance, but it was nice to know it was there. Wanna see it? Check it!