Monday, January 12, 2004

A Word on Job Hunting

This month I finally was offered a job at InterAction. I'd been temping there for about two months, covering for someone who left rather suddenly, and although I was not offered the job that I was temping for, they went ahead and created a position for me. That makes me feel special. I'll be assisting the President of the organization, as well as various other committess with names like the Commission on the Advancement of Women, Humanitarian Policy and Practice, and Public Policy. I also get to write a weekly article, so all that book-larnin' weren't fer nuthin' after all.

There is a bit of a dilemma in explaining what InterAction actually is. In casual conversation, the description of "a coalition of US-based non-governmental organizations specializing in international relief and development," tends to make people glaze over about three words in. "The United Nations of American International Non-profits" is a bit lofty, but seems a bit more direct. Plus "American International" is understandably awkward. "International relief" also tends to rub some people the wrong way as being too Commie-Pinko-Lefty. This is not the desired effect, nor is it entirely accurate. I shall puzzle it out in due time. Meanwhile, suffice to say that I'm quite happy. And I get my name on the door. I'm a grown-up, I am.

Since I am no longer utilizing this site for the sake of prospective employers, may I offer a word on job-hunting? It's miserable. It's humiliating. It's a soul-crushing, heart-breaking, hysteria-inducing, relationship-damaging mind-boggling stupid stupid stupid awful process. I am not engaging in hyperbole for effect, people. I don't recommend it to anybody, and I'm damned glad it's over.