Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Putting it All in Perspective

Yes, the Eagles lost the Super Bowl.

They were not annihilated, as many a naysayer thought they would be. It was a close game. That's the good news. The bad news, however, was that it was ::sigh:: a close game.

But it was a fun night, the last three minutes notwithstanding. Wigs were donned, songs were sung, families were drawn together, and it was all captured on videotape for the future
mortification of our progeny. A most disparate group of Shepherds, Bobby's friends and Bobby's friends' families gathered to pay tribute to that great equalizer of Eastern PA and South Jersey -- the Iggles. These are the things we should remember. It was a great season. Think not of the three interceptions, the poor time management, the missed onside kick and the tendency to run the ball up the middle time and time again to no avail as if this time will be different than the last seven can't you please once pass to the outside -- no to our guy NOT THEIR GUY WHY DONOVAN WHY????

But I digress

So Philly's in a funk right now. But now, with the benefit of a few days hindsight, it's not so bad. I even stumbled across a rather timely parable that made me less ashamed of our zeal for the Boids, and the fact that I'm still picking stubborn green nail polish from my cuticles. Hey, we might be okay after all.

SO what does he do when his team loses?