Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nate Campany at Rockwood Music Hall

I've been a bit tardy in updating the blog. I have things to do, people. Terrible decisions to make. You think I live online? Psh.

Just kidding. I totally live online. Online and at Rockwood, where the lovely Emily has claimed the distinction of being the first bartender in my colorful drinking career to not only know my beverage of choice but to start preparing it when I come in the damn door. Holy crap, is this place great or what? (Hey barkeeps and interested young gentlemen: it's a bourbon and diet. Not too fussy about the bourbon, but if all you've got is Jack, we'll get along fine. Learn it, love it, live it).

For your listening pleasure, here's Nate Campany, supported by Kyle Patrick and Phil Galitzine playing some lovely acoustic stuff at the aforementioned greatest bar on earth. Ahn.