Monday, April 19, 2010

Nate Campany and friends at Rockwood Stage 2

This weekend the brand new Rockwood Stage 2 opened next door to Rockwood Music Hall (Rockwood Stage One? Rockwood Original Recipe? We still have to work out the nomenclature). Big, big congrats to Ken Rockwood and company on a gorgeous new space, with extra room for dancing, a sweet balcony, a fancy-shmancy sound board and even a Presidential box seat for when Obama or Bono or whoever comes by. Which I'm sure will happen any day.

Nate Campany and the Serenade performed Sunday night, and there was much talk of the new space, and how happy we all were for Ken, and how Rockwood was like one big family, and everyone was all "Aww." And then he invited a bunch of folks up to sing, and since everybody basically knows each other's songs anyway, it was quite a crew, and everyone was like "Ahn." And then this little clip of lovely happened. And then we all made out!

Actually, we just lateraled over to the original Rockwood side bar and talked about Lost, but you know, close enough.