Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ukulele Debut...Kinda

My friend Jess came to town this weekend, officially to participate in Ukulele Fest at Banjo Jim's, but unofficially to join me in an exhausting weekend of bar-hopping, late night dancing, gigs, brunches, shopping for dresses, losing said dresses in said bars, and getting into a manageable amount of trouble. Saturday alone we went to eight bars...three of which were Rockwood Music Hall (at 4pm, 6pm, and 1 am, respectively). It wasn't even that we overindulged in adult beverages. We kept that at a respectable pace, thank you, no matter how much Piano's deadly margaritas tried to do us in. It was more the sheer ambition of the agenda that wiped us out, and ensured that I spent most of Sunday homebound with a box of crackers, a brick of cream cheese, and the NFL.

Also at Banjo Jim's, I was convinced to pick up an instrument in front of an audience for the first time since the heady days of the Council Rock High School Orchestra. Here's me playing the ukulele. Or at least, one note on the ukulele. Accompanying a nursery rhyme version of "I Am the Walrus." Weirdness abounds:

And here's some proper uke strumming, courtesy of Jess: