Monday, May 25, 2009

Live in Columbus: The Karaoke Comeback No One Asked For

This weekend, I traveled to a city where I'd never been, to a wedding where I knew no one except my dear, darling high school friend Abbie, and her fiance PJ. The potential for misadventure was high. All the more so when poor PJ was sticken with a rather serious illness, and had to bail with Abbie in the middle of the reception to be tended by EMTs. Take THAT, Platinum Weddings!

But there's an upshot to being a single gal in a room full of strangers. You have absolutely nothing to lose. And there was karaoke there...

This would be my first time at the mic in three years. And bless their hearts, Abbie's friends and family were amazingly sweet. I think I've unofficially become a member of the Sockloff clan. I'm both a Shep and a Sock. Awesome.

That said, for those of you who may have wondered why I hang around with music kids, but never go on stage myself, this should explain a lot.

First, we warm up with Elvis:

And after a bit more bourbon, team up with a stranger for some Starship:

It's pretty much everything you could hope for and more, yes?