Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So we had our big old conference again this year, and if you're truly concerned about the state of foreign aid reform in the U.S. government, then you'd have found it scintillating. However, most folks are not as jazzed about that as most, so I'll break it down for you quick as I can.

First, a quick word on putting on a Forum. When an organization loves itself very much, it decides to make a conference. And although there are many people in the organization, only a few special people get to make the conference together. When it's time to have the conference, there is a lot of pain and screaming and crying. It hurts a lot. But after awhile you have a bouncing, squalling conference that everyone says is lovely and it brings you much joy to see it thrive on its own.

Plus you get to wear suits and squawk away on a cell phone holding a clipboard and everyone thinks you're much smarter than you really are when you do this. This is good for the ego.

The highlight this year was hosting President Clinton for a speech on tsunami recovery (riveting!). It was a shortish speech, for him anyway, but we did get a picture. It should be up on the homepage soon, or in the Washington pictures section. See if you can spot the former President! He is very large. Tall, like a giant. I got two handshakes and a shoulder pat. It's not quite Bono, but I guess it was cool. Some ladies were beside themselves. Meh.