Monday, May 19, 2003

One Last Thing

I conducted my last official business as an undergraduate at NYU last week when I went to commencement. It was something that I wasn't sure I wanted to do, because there's roughly a kajillion people there and very slim chance that your loved ones will see you and you already have your diploma etc.

But I did go, and wore the funny hat and somehow managed to sit next to a friend and have my mother see me and get close enough to the stage to see the Mayor up close and shake Joe Torre's hand. And if I were talking about Giuliani or if I cared one whit about baseball, that would be truly thrilling. As it was, it was merely cool.

It was also interesting to see that NYU, which is generally lacking in the school spirit department, actually showing something resembling camaraderie. Even if it was more for the city than the university, it was still nice to see.

So that's it for NYU. At least until the alumni association finds out my Maryland phone number.