Saturday, May 24, 2003

Mental Floss

I have a new favorite magazine, which may be a bad thing considering my tendency to become addicted to the purchasing and squirreling away of all manner of periodicals. But nevertheless, this particular publication is clever and cheap enough to warrant my attention.

The name of the magazine is Mental Floss, and its slogan is "Feel Smart Again." It appears to be written by a bunch of witty, sharp people who live in the Midwest (as these types of people often do), and who are keen on acquiring and writing about all sorts of interesting trivia about all manner of topics both of a highbrow nature (Edgar Degas, James Joyce, the historical and scientific significance of malaria) to the not-so-highbrow (feet). Their website is a bit sparse, but they have super-fun (i.e. "dorky") quizzes and facts that are updated daily. For example, did you know that a mondegreen is the technical word for a misheard lyric? I didn't, and thanks be that there was such a site to enlighten me.

In summation: Read Mental Floss, or go to the site. Kill time. Annoy folks with mundane trivia. Feel smart. Enjoy.