Friday, February 22, 2002

Are You Ready for Some CURLING?

Last night we went to friend Chrissie's sumptuous dorm in Bayswater to watch her television and use her supermarket (ah, what one takes for granted). Our original intent was to watch the Brit Awards in the name of cultural experience, but our attention was soon diverted to the Olympic coverage of curling.

Figure skating really isn't the main, primetime attraction here. In fact, they aired it live at 3:45 in the morning, so one can assume that that particular sport doesn't really captivate the British audience these days. They do go nuts for their curling however. And we watched a good hour and a half of the showdown between the Brits and the Swiss.

Curling, near as I can tell, involves someone pushing a big disk-y thing down the ice, while their two friends frantically sweep the ice in the disky thingie's path to get it to travel toward an intended goal, be it the scoring target or bumping the bad guy's disky thingie out of the scoring target. And there's a lot of yelling and shrieking on the part of the person who gets to push the disky thingie. It was invented in Scotland.

For more information on curling, please visit The Curling History Page.