Sunday, November 4, 2001


Did you know that creating a website is one of the most tedious and aggravating tasks known to mankind? Oh it's true! But isn't it nice when it's done?

Thousands of sites are launched every day. Most of them amount to nothing in the grand scheme of things. This is one of those websites. I intend it to be a place where those few who are interested can find out who I live with, and what I'm doing with myself -- particularly this spring when I'll be far, far away.

I'm also trying to keep the site as sparse as possible, so prospective employers can see my resume and clips without seeing florescent pink kitty cats prancing about the masthead. Not that there's anything wrong with florescent pink kitty cats, just don't look for 'em here. This is more about soothing, doctor's-office-waiting-room color schemes, and understatement. On that note, watch for pictures of me slathered in tempera paint at the body art contest. Coming soon!

Enjoy, take care, keep in touch