Saturday, March 11, 2017

Meet Miss Bossy

IT'S A GIRL!!! Sometimes when God closes a bunny door, he opens a bunny window. Cleared for adoption today, meet your best new internet bunny friend MISS BOSSY. 

The ASPCA bunnies are being adopted out this week or re-homed at bunny-specific rescues who can give them better long term care than we can here, and Miss Bossy and I have been bro'ing down for a while. She's sassy, snuggly and the same size as Penny the Cat so THEY WILL BE BEST FRIENDS GODDAMMIT I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT.

Just like with Penny, I wasn't totally planning on replenishing the pet situation this soon, but clearly I am not meant to be petless. Think of it as Bun and Tippy paying it forward.