Saturday, June 11, 2011

Learn Terrifying Things About Yourself Through Twitter!

This website took my Twitter feed, sped it through a food processor, and vomited it back up. And this is what happened. My subconscious is a dark, dark, twisted place:

Tirade against people who don't live like a smart-ass pays off. It was making Freedom Tears.

I'm at BAM with you guys. Really hard. And then I don't know I just pretty sure I thought we wound up.

So started whipping up on this week will not sayin. Anyone have to screw stuffed animals. Sent video.

Mmmmmm...smells like an apartment. And ate it. You'll like an apartment.

Yes. Well. NEWSWIRE: Vomiting Woman Sorry about Bun's GI issues. But still, Rockwood bathroom is fucking!

How about bacon, and cheddar jack, it could be sure it won't tell. Just my batshit insane news cycle.

Well. I hate it was 2009. Also, tonight's chores done FAST. I cover gay rights, abortion and still a spy.

I love you know. Bro: Dude! Go throw up! Me: I love you guys. I HATE ANIMALS.

I love you, too. My brain scares me by Rockwood to be a living... DAMMIT!

No pants. Goddamn, spring. Ain't you please embrace unlimited Metro cards? Not just over it. Amiright?

I love your Thin Mints. No." GIMME YOUR THIN MINTS. No." I like a tool. Ben Folds reprise.

This is so important. This is go. Sad. Screw YouTube. Now -- NOW YOU shut up.

Totally stoked to know. It's sweet of dumbfucks. Somebody has a little more massive doses of daily meds!

Fact: Just because you can come, should I CAN'T. I love you, too. Deep-fried peanut butter cup.