Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Do A Badass Photo Shoot (with Jessi Robertson)

Our story starts out with a musician's nightmare. After working for an insanely long time on her album and spending an ungodly amount of money, my pal Jessi finally received a shipment of 1000 CDs. The CDs represented the realization of so many hopes and dreams and...they all had a manufacturer's error on them that rendered them unusable. DISASTER. OR IS IT? Before taking her hopes and dreams curbside, my other genius pal Lara had an idea. Let's do a photo shoot! she said. Because what could be more satisfying, more decadent, than destroying your own artistic efforts on film? That is baller, friends. Ball. Er.

So we broke into Bar 4 on a Saturday afternoon (okay...nicely asked Larry if we could use the place off-hours. BALLER.) and trashed the place with hundreds of Jessi's jacked-up CDs. The idea was this: Jessi was gonna come in and look hot and lie the hell all over the albums. Were we gonna crease up the booklets? Yah. Were we gonna dent the crap out of the discs? Yeppers. Were we gonna make CD angels on the floor? Well, we would if we felt like lying on the floor at Bar 4. And there are some things you just don't do. Even for ART. Below, we see the awesome photographer Nathaniel Johnston at work. He was the business. And stylist/art director/mastermind tends to the talent's tresses. ALLITERATION. Meanwhile, DJ Shep creates the proper sultry, decadent mood with some really empowering jams. I mean, really sultry. Also, nothing is more rock and roll than chocolate chip cookies that aren't baked all the way through. Because that's the way the MAN wants us to make cookies. And this photo shoot is all about turning convention on its motherfucking head. And also, I, uh, used the wrong pan. We also took the party outside, and threw a bunch of CDs on the ground. That was kinda fun. We're still waiting on the finished photos, but YOU don't have to wait to hear Jessi's un-messed-up album. You can get it on iTunes, and if you wait a few more weeks, she'll have a brand spankin' new shipment of actual CDs that you can hold in your hands. Which we won't throw all over the bar. Unless the CD re-release party is REALLY raging. But we'll buy them first. That's just polite.

UPDATE: Sneak peek of the photo shoot! Hawt!