Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Friends Are Internet Sensations

This year I became good pals with the guys in the Brooklyn band Atomic Tom, who have had something of an extraordinary year. They got signed to Universal Republic in January, and there were drinks. They've been performing their asses off, and there were post-show pizzas and omelettes and late nights and more drinks.

But with this YouTube video that they shot on the B train, things have gotten a little ridonk. I saw it when they first posted it, and only a few dozen folks had viewed it, and it made me smile. Then a couple hundred more people saw it. Then a few thousand. Then a hundred thousand. Then the New York Times paid attention. And Wired. Next thing you know, they're lighting up Twitter and their album has shot to #42 on iTunes. The Internet is amazing. And so are my pals, who are pretty handy with real instruments as well, FYI.

Congrats, guys. I hope this sudden notoriety means we can still get omelettes and stuff. Maybe now we can spring for a side of bacon, yes? Yes!

UPDATE (10/20/10): Over 2 million YouTube views, #10 album and #100 single on iTunes, a CNN appearance, and, yes, there has been bacon. And bourbon. A good amount of bourbon. Hooray for everything.