Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This Week-ish In Music: LES Shuttle Run Edition (Starring Tim Blane, Bryan Dunn, the Ramblers, Kyle Patrick, Luke Wesley and Misty Boyce)

You guys remember the shuttle run? It was part of that godawful presidential fitness challenge they made you do in gym class, and it required you to run a short distance, pick up an eraser, run back, put the eraser down, run back, twist your knee, writhe around on the floor a little, then go to the nurse and get an ice pack and be really satisfied with yourself that you took yourself out of commission before you had to run the mile. At least that's how I remember it.

ANYWAY, the past few days I've been doing a shuttle run of sorts between Allen and Houston Streets, dashing between Rockwood and the Mercury Lounge, and various watering holes and cafes in between. I'm willing to admit it bordered on the compulsive this weekend. That's why I'm totally changing it up and going to hang in Park Slope for a while. Diversity is good.

We started things off Thursday night at Rockwood 2 with Mr. Tim Blane and company:

Then on Saturday, it was over to the Mercury Lounge for Bryan Dunn and his BADASS cover of "Careless Whisper":

Bryan's original stuff isn't half-bad either:

Also at the Merc that night were our pals the Ramblers:

Then, just after the Ramblers were finished, it was time to dash around the corner to Rockwood to see Kyle Patrick:

And then a couple days later, it was back to Rockwood 2 for Misty Boyce:

...and Luke Wesley and Mike Grubbs!

Phew, you guys!