Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Legend of G'nay

In the Idiosyncratic Ways of the Family Shep Department:

Dadoo Shep is the king of the verbal tic. He has a habit of latching on to a nonsequitur and repeating it ad nauseum until it becomes white noise to us. Which is confusing to new visitors to the Shep Chateau, but we'd like to think of it as part of the screening process (see also: enthusiasm for backyard songbirds, punctuality at cocktail hour, tolerance of pets that hump things in mixed company). Previous Dadooisms have included "Har" (like a pirate) and "Goddamn right!"

[editor's note: I don't usually edit after the fact, but if I left out "Ah yes, the munchy nuggets!" and "Right you are, Ken," I'd never forgive myself.]

Dadoo was in 'Nam, by the way. I'm just throwing that out there. He can kick your ass.

Anyway, his latest favorite, new for 2010, is "G'nay."

Rhymes with the Australian greeting "g'day." Only not. It's meaning is a bit profane. Suffice to say it's an abbreviation of a two-word phrase consisting of a verb and a vowel, especially popular in the northeastern U.S., especially in Eagles bars. I looked it up on the Internet, and can't find many documented uses of it. Which makes it fairly special.

And have I stopped saying it in the month since Christmas? No, no I have not. I also find it makes a wonderful Twitter hashtag. #gnay

When to apply it? Whenever you damn well please. To whit:

"Can you hand me the fish sauce?" "G'nay!"
"I think I have a polyp." "G'nay, dude."
"I'm pregnant." "G'nay?"

See? It's so versatile! Try it! You'll love it! Guh. Nay.