Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowmegeddon 2009

By now you probably heard that the northeast had a bit o' weather this weekend. It must be annoying if you're in say, Fargo or North Platte or somewhere like that to watch the media lose it's mind over a piddly foot of snow in Manhattan. I sympathize. We are a bunch of effete city folk, and we ought to just own that.

That said, holy crap, it snowed this weekend!

Blizzard conditions came to Manhattan late in the afternoon, and the TV advised us all to stay in and hunker down. So of course the whole city came out to play instead. I myself hit up three separate shows in the Village and did some ill-fated Christmas shopping, which resulted in me slipping on the sidewalk and shattering a highly-sought after bottle of bacon-flavored vodka. (Cut to scene of me screaming on sidewalk, and people asking if I'm okay, and all I can do is shout "The vodka! THE VODKA!" I was fine. A week without Robyn falling down is like a night without stars).

But I still managed to shake it off and get my rock and roll on. My pals the Ramblers played a benefit concert that mustered over 100 people in a small W. Village club, and afterward we all ran through the snow so half of the Ramblers could take the stage again at Scott Stein's show at the Bitter End, which was packed. I was fetchingly dressed in a flattering, form-fitting royal blue Express sweater...which spent most of the night hidden under layers of the Chastity Parka's Gore-Tex. Shmeh. I'll get the bombshell thing down better in 2010. Pinkie swear.

So New York can still rock it in the snow. My pals were actually still ready to rock at a house party in Brooklyn, and I had to call it a night because I was too pooped. I ended the evening by joining three strangers in pushing a motorist out of the snow. It was a nice moment, and we all waved goodbye to the car as it sped off to the FDR highway, like a condor being released into the wild. Ahn. That kind of stuff happened everywhere. Although some folks, like this poor bastard, weren't so lucky:

Here's some more video of the Village mid-blizzard, and the Ramblers rocking out at a venue with more machine-generated fog that I ever seen at any gig, ever.