Monday, April 6, 2009

New Blog, Same Nonsense

Well look who's finally joined the new millennium! True, I took baby steps by re-posting the blog on MySpace and Facebook, but I had to accept that the old NYU-sponsored homepage just wasn't cutting it anymore. I mean, I started the damn thing as a homework assignment in digital journalism class in 2001. It was literally done on notepad. And it showed. And it had the catchy URL of I mean really, a tilda? Who has a damn tilda in their URL? Christ...

So I took good ol' NYU blog out for a nice walk. We looked at the sunset. We talked about the eight years we had together. NYU blog wanted to know where we were going next. I told it we were going somewhere wonderful, and there'd be rabbits there.

Then I shot it in the head and ran like hell to Blogger like the rest of the world.

So here's the new digs. I'll probably still re-post on MySpace, to pretend I still have some kind of a presence there, but I rather like it here. We'll see how it translates to Facebook, and if anyone cares. Whatevs. It keeps me off the street. And all 214 (holy balls) entries over the past eight years are still archived here, if you want to relive the good times. Thrill as Robyn grapples with 9/11-induced PTSD! Don't doubt her for one minute when she decides that leaving New York for DC is a swell idea! Marvel at her amazing track record with live-in relationships! Get a great cheesecake recipe!

Robyn on Blogspot. It's about damn time.