Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Does This Say About Me?

I came across the following headline in today's Onion:

Kitchen-Floor Conflict Intensifies As Rival House Cats Claim Same Empty Bag

And I laughed. I laughed hysterically. I laughed so as to arouse the curiosity of my officemates. Once I collected myself, I felt deeply embarrassed about having gotten so much out of a story about cats. What does that say about me? What kind of line have I crossed? It's only a matter of time before I start clipping out Cathy comic strips and putting them on my bulletin board. That cannot be allowed to pass.

Just when things looked as bleak as they could get, I saw this, and chortled anew:

Employees On Other End Of Conference Call Just Want It To Be Over

It's kind of like the first time I ever laughed out loud at Dilbert. I knew there was no going back at that point. I used to think that strip was deeply unfunny, and that anyone who liked it was sadly work-obsessed. Now, I laugh at Dilbert all the time. And a little part of my soul dies each time I do.

Maybe I should spend the weekend going to foam parties, sniffing glue and/or doing coke off the back of a toilet at Madam's Organ. That should set things right.

Or I could just watch Jeopardy with the cats and the boyfriend. Yep. That's probably what will happen.