Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stealth Bombers and Tiny Dogs: A Lovely Weekend in DC

We've had lovely weather in DC this weekend, and I'm happy to say that I made the most of it. I saw many an amazing sight, including:

A space-age animal shelter kennel with soothing lights, music, and rushing water throughout to provide the dogs with a serene environment.

Seven fire trucks outside my apartment building providing me with a less-than-serene environment.

A "Buddhist vegetarian lobster" cooking away on a grill (funny, most vegetarian lobsters I know are Jehovah's Witness).

A penguin with projectile poo.

Hundreds of cap-and-gown clad GWU graduates.

A touristy lady falling down in the middle of the street trying to beat the "Don't Walk" sign (she was okay).

The Watergate Hotel!

People in canoes that look like dragons racing down the Potomac.

The most fearsome Dragon Boat team in all the world -- clad in red, possessing extremely intimidating militaristic chants, and coming all the way from Thailand to kick your amateur American ass.

A stealth bomber in flight for no particular reason.

A Great Blue Heron!

A Metro bus driver who leapt out of the bus at every stop along Connecticut Avenue and Dupont Circle to check the map and timetable.

Three dead sheep roasting on spits.

A miniature dachshund with a cast on his leg.

An enthusiastic Greek lad happily chopping the heads off the dead sheep on the spits and treating us all to a lovely anatomy lesson.

A cat in a stroller. I could give you context for all of these things, but really, doesn't the pastiche speak for itself? I think so.