Friday, November 26, 2004

Class of 1999: Back and Drunker Than Ever

i had the odd experience this Thanksgiving weekend of attending my 5-year high school reunion. I confess to being a bit wary of going, as I only knew one other person -- John -- who was going. The few other people that I kept in contact with were not planning on attending, and there was the distinct possibility that most of the old crew would still fancy themselves too cool for such gatherings. As one friend-of-a-friend stated: "High school was so lame. There's no way I'm going back there. I am so over that obnoxious gang of losers." All evidence to the contrary.

Anyway, I got decked out in a new Victoria's Secret dress (one must adhere to the proscribed semi-formal dress code while simultaneously conveying the message that I am a worldly, sophisticated grown-up now, but I can still rock a cleavage-bearing emerald green ensemble thankyouverymuch) and descended upon the catering hall of choice. Upon opening the door, I was assaulted by the sight of dozens -- nay, hundreds -- of faces that I hadn't seen in five years and immediately entered into the "Omigod, HIII!!! How are you?!? What are you doing?!?!" repertoire that was to rule the night.

I was most pleased to find good old buddy and London tour guide Christina Lecker in the house. She is still living in London and married to her British boyfriend where she is forging an acting career. She doesn't win the financially-solvent award of the night, but she does win the "duuuude, if only" prize for sheer bohemian ballsiness.

Big plus: Open bar. Even bigger plus: A potable-savvy pseudo-British drinking buddy. Drink we did. And dance to bad house music we did. One huge logistical failure: The music was cranked up to nightclub-decibel levels, making conversation without screaming impossible.

Although I was disappointed by the number of pals from the past that failed to materialize, it was interesting to see who had embraced adulthood, who hadn't changed at all, and who was running, screaming, back in the other direction. I suppose that after a mere five years after graduation, we all have the luxury of still making up our minds. It will make it that much more interesting for the 10th anniversary.