Monday, March 4, 2002


So the gals went to Paris this weekend, and I think that a visit to that fair city every three and a half years is far too long to stay away.

So I'll probably go back next week with Jeffrey.

I'm not usually one to throw cash and time to the wind in the name of a good time in another country. It's all a bit capricious and spontaneous for my pilgrim sensibilities. But Paris is worth the £60 train ticket and getting behind on your work (although this weekend we took the super-cheap, bus and ferry, £99-with-hotel-included tour, so fret not Mom).

Without getting too Hallmark-y, anyone who goes to Paris and isn't at least mildly affected by the place is a sad individual indeed. The whole city is like an art museum. Sure, it's a bit full of itself, but I think it's earned the right.

I am now being chased out of the computer lab by a man with an overhead projector. But Paris = good, is all I really wanted to say.