Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ass Smack Heard Round The World

A funny thing happened when I submitted last year's re-tooled blog on sexual assault to the ACLU Blog of Rights.

Sucker went viral. Or as viral as a profane anecdote on a wonky site can go.

Last I heard, the blog itself got about 15,000 views in 24 hours. The Ackloo site overall usually gets 3000 hits a day. So...this would be a lot. This is what the web traffic on the site looked like. For the record, the blog is "blue."

Plus, marker drawings on the home page. What:

It got re-posted on Hollaback, Daily Kos, Feministing, AlterNet, Streetharassment (which compared it with an awesome video of another redhead calling out a subway pervert), and did a considerable amount of damage on Twitter and Tumblr.

So there's that.

Okay, so it's not Letter from a Birmingham Jail. It's not It Gets Better. It's not gonna get me on Jimmy freakin' Kimmel or whatever (you guys).

But judging from the comments, I think it struck a nerve. Am I perhaps a little full of myself this week? Yes, I am. Am I sorry? Fuck no. That was fun, Internet. Can we do it again?